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The experts in rubber wheels

Believe us, we did not invent the wheel even though it might be said we reinvented the solid rubber wheel… it is our passion.

Experience, research, technical innovation and enthusiasm combine to make our genes. We are the rubber wheel.

Rubber tyres

Rubber solid tyres for wheels

Rubber Wheels

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Our mission

To improve the quality of life of all the inhabitants on this planet.

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A reliable and secure adhesion

The majority of our wheels are produced by attaching a rubber tread to a wheel centre, usually in aluminium, nylon, cast metal or steel, to which the rubber is vulcanized. It is fundamental that the adhesion is reliable and strong, this can only be obtained through treatment of the core surface in a specific and precise process. The complete rubber wheel will undergo extreme stress during its working life and the adhesion must be trusted to resist in the same way, this is what makes the difference.


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