The rubber

The rubber

Rosolani use all natural ingredients.

The natural rubber is imported monthly from countries in South East Asia or from some Tropical African countries where the plantations of the Hevea, the plant from which rubber is extracted, are in expansion. Thanks to the vulcanization discovery of Charles Goodyear natural rubber can now be used in many different sectors.

By adding sulphur or other strengtheners and by heating the batch to temperatures of over 150° a material is obtained with a strong chain of molecules that offers resistance and elasticity.

The elasticity of the product is the characteristic that allows the rubber to undergo repeated static deformation and return to its original form.

Natural rubber, also has the ability to rienforce automatically under stress: the molecule chain becomes stronger through a cristallisation process under stress and various areas of the chain and net structure tighten and strengthen in reply to the force and this allows the natural rubber to offer an extremely high breaking resistance.