Research and development

Research and development

It would be easy to imagine that producing rubber wheels does not require much technological expertise but when you think of the innumerous uses you might change your mind.

The solid rubber wheel is to be seen in many categories: industrial, logistics, agricultural, food, health service, distribution, community, travel and free time. All areas that require: a professional approach, attention to the environment, safety, also reliability, comfort and performance, but all so differing that each require specialist attention.


Our Research and Development is therefore concentrated to achieve new rubber mixes for


  • Smooth rolling, which translates in reduced effort and energy
  • High load capability
  • Improved rubber elasticity of the rubber, with less noise, and vibration

In an extremely competitive market not only are expert laboratory results required but also, vision, commitment and PASSION.


To improve the quality of life of all the inhabitants on this planet.