Conditions of sale



the confirmation of this order is to be considered accepted in all its parts, unless otherwise communicated in writing to be sent within 3 days of receipt of this.
Due to current trend of raw material and logistic costs, the prices showed in this order are valid only for it and must be updated every time based on market situation.


Due to the recent political tensions and the continuous increases in the cost of electricity and natural gas, which we are not able to absorb, Rosolani s.r.l. is forced to apply immediate actions to ensure the regularity of production.
Therefore we need to apply a “temporary extra cost” with immediate effect. This extra cost will be updated every month based on the development of market costs and it will be canceled as soon as external conditions allow it.
This “Energy Surcharge” will be added to each invoice as a percentage of the total value.


The delivery date indicated on our order confirmation is the expected delivery date provided that neither the production process nor the shipment of raw materials are delayed.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, travel restrictions and related transport volatility, we are currently unable to accurately confirm delivery dates.

We take no responsibility for any interruptions or delays directly or indirectly resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak or the war or in any case due to force majeure .

Rosolani S.R.L. recommends that rubber, nylon or pulyurethane products must be stored in a dry and cool environment.

The storage temperature must be between 15°C and 25°C, relative humidity must be under 65 %.

The products must not be exposed to direct sunlight and artificial light with high uv content.

Contact between rubber products of different compositions must be avoided.

Avoid contact with dangerous chemicals or metals like copper and manganese.

The products must be stored in a “tension-free” condition, the parts should not be subjected to traction, pressure or bending deformation.

Rosolani S.R.L. will be not responsible for quality problems due to the lack of conditions described above.