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The company



The experts in rubber wheels.


It is since the 70’s that we produce solid rubber tyres and wheels and we are convinced that this is our strong point, experience.


Rosolani is structured and organized for the designing, forming, mixing extrusion and curing of the batch and relative wheels. Tests are carried out, in the factory’s laboratory on batches for tensile strength together with rolling resistance tests and other extensive tests on the final product. We also issue certification of the rubber formation and mix used in the completion of the wheel, together with the qualities of the wheel such as hardness, resilience and rolling resistance.




It was in the 1930s that, from Quinto Rosolani’s notable ingenuity, the first artisan rubber products such as sandals, using recycled rubber from heavy duty pneumatic tyres, were produced.
In the 70s Marcello Rosolani, with drive, enthusiasm and blazing entrepreneurship enters in to the solid rubber wheel production.


In the following years, the company became a leader in the field, taking in the changes in the multicultural markets and working with industrialised countries from all over the world, such as Germany and Japan and now has become the point of reference for all of Europe.


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